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Thrill of the Fight 2

release date: 2023 | genre:

Sequel to popular boxing game on Oculus Quest and PC VR platforms.

Retropolis 2

release date: 2023 | genre: story-driven

A sequel for original story-driven VR narrative game classic point-and-click-like adventure with immersive cinematography

Attack on Titan VR

release date: Summer'23 | genre:

Story-rich game set in a post-apocalyptic world with single and co-op modes

Final Fury

release date: 2023 | genre: action / multiplayer

Multiplayer fighting game with original combo system and stylized graphics from the creators of Synth Rider

HeliSquad: Covert Operations

release date: 2023 | genre: helicopter simulator

A combat helicotper simulator from the creators of Warplanes: WW1 Fights and Warplanes: Battles over Pacific

Propagation: Paradise Hotel

release date: 2023 | genre: horror / story-rich

Upcoming VR horror with rich story and atmospheric setting in abandoned hotel. Confirmed for PCVR and Quest 2

Liminal Phase

release date: 2023 | genre: horror / story-rich

Creepy old-styled story-rich horror game for VR confirmed for releasing on PC VR early next year

Hellsweeper VR

release date: Q2'23 | genre: flighting / hardcore


Hack'n'slash gore combat game from the creators of Sairento VR


release date: 2022 | genre: co-op shooter / multiplayer

4-player COOP shooter about a bank robbery

Killer Frequency

release date: 2023 | genre: horror / investigation

Debut from Team-17 in VR: an old-fashioned investigation game stylized in 90-th's

Call of the Sea VR

release date: 2023 | genre: story-driven / adventure

VR adoptation of story-driven exploration tale about love, mistery and adventures.


release date: 2023 | genre: puzzle / adventure

An adventure puzzle journey from the creators of Myst.

Paranormal Hunter

release date: 2023 | genre: co-op multiplayer | horror

PC VR (STEAM) + free demo

First-person 4 persons co-op online multiplayer horror game about haunted houses and abandoned homes, including flat version and VR support

The Light Brigade

release date: 2023 | genre: fps / roguelike


Roguelike FPS with procedurally generated world, where you play have to explore the dark world using magic and firearms. Available on Quest 2, PSVR2 and PC VR

Ancient Board Games

release date: 2023 | genre: puzzle / co-op

A possibility to play ancient board games in your virtual reality headset

Per Aspera VR

release date: 2023 | genre: strategy / space

VR adaptation of space strategy game Per Aspera with sandbox and campaign modes. Quest 2 version announced so far.

The Signifier VR

release date: Q1'23 | genre:

VR adaptation of early released story-rich PC game with detective elements about reconstructing past. Quest 2 version coming in 2023


release date: Q1'23 | genre: co-op / multiplayer


4-player story-driven shooter with adventure elements

Ghost Signal

release date: Q1'23 | genre: strategy

VR action roguelite game in Stellaris universe with hand-tracking


release date: 2023 | genre: multiplayer / action

AppLab Open Beta

Multiplayer VR game set in post-apocalyptic environments from the creators of STRIDE. Open beta is available in AppLab

Spatial Ops

release date: 2023 | genre: augmented reality / multiplayer shooter

SideQuest Open Beta

An augmented reality multiplayer shooter for massive local multiplayer from creators of Blaston and Demeo. Open beta is available in SideQuest.

Racket Club VR

release date: 2023 | genre: tennis simulator / multiplayer

Brand new sport game with multiplayer support

Behemoth VR

release date: Late'23 | genre: combat / story-driven

Tactical VR combat game about fighting with the gods from developers of The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners.

The Walking Dead: Saints&Sinners. Ch. 2

release date: 21/03 | genre: fps / story-driven

PC VR (STEAM) Oculus Quest Store

Sequel for a horror story-driven first person shooter in The Walking Dead universe, early released on Quest 2 platform will come to PS VR2 and PC VR. Find out how Tourist's story will continue and try to survive in the contaminated area.

Not for Broadcast VR

release date: March'22 | genre: story-driven


VR adaptation of original story-driven game about mass media propaganda. You take the role of censor, who will decide what is going to the feed. Quest version also expected.

Peaky Blinders - The King's Ransom

release date: March'23 | genre: action / story-driven


VR adaptation of popular TV series about a gangsters based in Birmingham. Action-adventure story-rich game

Stranger Things VR

release date: 2023 | genre: story-driven

A VR game based on Netflix series universe about extraordinary and paranormal things

Ghostbusters VR

release date: 2023 | genre: first person shooter / co-op

PC VR (Oculus Store)

First person exclusive game, based on popular film franchise. Includes co-op and single-player modes

Hello Neighbor VR

release date: 2023 | genre: funny / comedy / comic


A VR evolution of famous humoristic game about doing dirty tricks to neighbors

Vertigo 2

release date: March'23 | genre: adventure


Sequel for well-known VR adventure game about protagonist's journey back home.

Presentiment of Death

release date: 2023 | genre: archery / action


A fast-paced story-driven adventure archery game with SuperhotVR vibes

Drop Dead: The Cabin

release date: 16/02 | genre: co-op shooter / / multiplayer

Multiplayer two-player zombie shooter from a previously well-known franchise Drop Dead, with arcade physics and immersive gameplay


release date: 09/02 | genre: fps / multiplayer

Oculus Quest Store PC VR (STEAM)

Original multiplayer mix of first-person combat and diorama-like base building, early released for PCVR on Steam Early Access

Windlands 2

release date: 02/02 | genre: adventure

Oculus Quest Store

Sequel for an action-adventure game with original movement technique

Survival Nation

release date: 02/02 | genre: fps / multiplayer


First-person action game early released on Pico headsets comes to PC VR and STEAM (and later to Quest 2 & PSVR2)


release date: 26/01 | genre: puzzle / hand-tracking

Oculus Quest Store

Funny puzzle adventure game, where you need to use your fingers and headset's hand tracking to build shapes helping to pass the levels for your protagonists.


release date: 19/01 | genre: puzzle / kids

Oculus Quest Store

Lemming-style VR adaptation of classic puzzler, where you have to lead the way and repair the route of funny character to reach level's end.

Colossal Cave

release date: 19/01 | genre: dungeon crawler


A VR remake of the text-based adventure released back in 1976. Releases on QUest 2 at 1.19.23 and later on PCVR/PSVR platforms

Primal Hunt

release date: 19/01 | genre: action

Oculus Quest Store

A game about primal hunting on living creatures inhabiting our planet in ancient times

Dead Secret Circle

release date: 19/01 | genre: detective

Oculus Quest Store PC VR (STEAM)

A quest port of early released PC VR detective game set in Chicago of 1971

GRID Legends

release date: 12/01 | genre: racing sim

Oculus Quest Store

Quest VR version of sim racing game, released early on PC (without VR support). Warning: the game requires >40GB of space on your device.

Maskmaker VR

release date: 15/12 | genre: puzzle / adventure / story

Oculus Quest Store STEAM Oculus Store (Rift)

Quest version of story-driven game with puzzle elements, crafting influences and wonderful enviornment, early released on PC VR

House Flipper Pets VR

release date: 15/12 | genre: Renovation simulator / pets


Idea of the game is home renovation in a company with your favorite pet! Now with VR interaction

Linelight VR

release date: 08/12 | genre: puzzzle / abstract

Oculus Quest Store

A Oculus Quest adoptation of early released game flat version of puzzle game, where you have to deal with around 200 levels in 6 different envorinemtns.

Red Flowers (Beta)

release date: 08/12 | genre: adventure / slice

Oculus Quest Store

Beta version of the lightning-fast action VR platformer with asian vibes from the creators of STRIDE


release date: 07/12 | genre: fps


First person survival game / shooter with exploration elements in setting related to alien planet.

Gesture VR

release date: 06/12 | genre: software / drawing

PC VR (STEAM) Quest AppLab

An application for VR Drawing unlocking a full limitless potential to artists to paint in VR

Espire 2

release date: 17/11 | genre: fps / stealth-action

Oculus Quest Store

Sequel for a stealth-shooter released in 2021

Broken Age

release date: 17/11 | genre: sword-fighting

Oculus Quest Store PC VR (STEAM)

Sword-fighting game with authentic style from the creators of Winds & Leaves and Prison Boss VR

ForeVR Pool

release date: 17/11 | genre: pool / multiplayer

Oculus Quest Store

Pool game from the famous developer of sport/activity virtual reality games (ForeVR Bowl, ForeVR Darts etc..)


release date: 17/11 | genre: sci-fi / fps


Story-driven physics-based FPS shooter with vibes of HL:Alyx and Boneworks


release date: 17/11 | genre: coop-shooter / multiplayer


Hyper-realistic multiplayer 5v5 cooperative shooter, that is already available in early access in STEAM platform.

Tiny Island

release date: Nov'22 | genre: god simulator / sandbox


Meditative God simulator with sandbox elements, quite funny controls and asian influence

What The Bat

release date: 11/11 | genre: comedy / puzzle


Funny game about puzzles with BAT'ed hands, indie puzzle game from the creators of What the Golf

Among Us VR

release date: 10/11 | genre: multiplayer / co-op

Quest VR (Oculus Store)

VR adaptation of extremely popular multiplayer game about team work and finding traitors

Dyshcronia: Chronos Alternate

release date: 2022 | genre: adventure / puzzle

An adventure investigative story-rich game with asian vibes and puzzles, where you investigate the murder of founder of the city of future. You should discover the memories of citizens to find the truth

Iron Man VR

release date: 03/11 | genre: action / story

Oculus Quest Store

Quest port of PSVR exclusive from Marvel's universe


release date: 03/11 | genre: puzzle

PC VR (STEAM) Oculus Quest Store

A modern VR interpretation of logic puzzle game similar to Lemmings from the indie developer. You can already check the demo version for free in AppLab

Desperate: Vladivostok

release date: 03/11 | genre: fps / slo-mo

Quest AppLab PC VR (STEAM)

FPS with soviet vibes, authentic visual stylization and cyberpunk-themed setting with slo-mo mechanics


release date: 01/11 | genre: drum kit / sandbox

PC VR (STEAM) Quest AppLab

VR Drumkit simulator for PC VR and Quest Platforms, that was in Early Access for 5 years reached it's release with 50+ instruments, 3 new environments, 16 songs, note highway UI and 10 drum lessons


release date: 27/10 | genre:

Oculus Quest Store PC VR (STEAM)

Quest port of PC VR flat version of futuristic real-time strategy game, early appeared in AppLab.


release date: 27/10 | genre: comic / medic simulator

Oculus Quest Store

A game similar to Surgeon Simulator VR from the creators of Hands Physics Lab

I Expect You To Die: Home Sweet Home

release date: 25/10 | genre: puzzle / spy

Oculus Quest Store

A FREE Quest 2 mixed-reality splin-off for one the most famous spy franchise VR games, containing one free-to-play mission


release date: 20/10 | genre: platformer / story-rich

Oculus Quest Store STEAM

Sequel for a great story-rich platformer with extremely cute protagonist, early released on Quest 2 platform is coming to PC VR

Requisition VR

release date: 20/10 | genre: action / co-op shooter


A new co-op action game comes to early access


release date: 13/10 | genre: puzzle / escape room


Escape room experience, firstly appeared during last STEAM Next Fest as a impressive sneak-peek demo, that made an impression regarding the game enviornments and flawless interaction mechanics.

Townscaper VR

release date: 06/10 | genre: sandbox / city-building

Oculus Quest Store

Very lite and relaxing city builder without strategy and goals, VR adoptation of early released flat version of it.


release date: 06/10 | genre: action / sci-fi

Oculus Quest Store

Old school stylized sci-fi shooter with visual design from 80th

The Exorcist Legion: SIN

release date: 2022 | genre: horror / coop

Co-op Sequel to The Exorcist: Legion VR scary horror game released back in 2018.

The Last Worker

release date: 2022 | genre: narrative first person adventure


First person narrative adventure, which is made around our struggle in an increasingly automated world

Into The Radius

release date: 09/2022 | genre: survival / exploration


Quest version of single-player survival shooter, early released on PC VR


release date: 29/09 | genre: sandbox / fps

Oculus Quest Store

Second game from the developers of Boneworks - sandbox first person shooter game with a focus on the accuracy of the physical model

Nerf Ultimate Championship

release date: 25/08 | genre: action / multiplayer

A multiplayer game with gameplay mechanics of mixed first person shooter and pankur gameplay elements, offering different game modes

Red Matter 2

release date: 18/08 | genre: adventure / puzzle

Oculus Quest Store PC VR (STEAM)

Sequel for great deep-story puzzle adventure game released back in 2018

Warplanes: Battles over Pacific

release date: 12/08 | genre: airplane simulator / arcade

PC VR (STEAM) Oculus Quest Store

Arcade aerial flight combat simulator from the developers of Warplanes series in WW2 setting. A sequel for Warplanes: WW1 Fighters

Tower Tag

release date: 02/08 | genre: multiplayer PvP / room-scale

Oculus AppLab PC VR (STEAM)

Quest version of virtual reality Laser Tag game early released on PC VR

Cooking Simulator VR

release date: 28/07 | genre: cooking simulator

Oculus Quest Store PC VR (STEAM)

Quest version of VR adaptation of Cooking Simulator, a PC game where you are a chief

Twilight Zone VR

release date: 14/07 | genre: horror / story-rich

Original story-rich game based on popular TV series. Contains 3 independent stories in different setting

Table of Tales: The Crooked Crown

release date: 14/07 | genre: board game rpg

Oculus Quest Store PC VR (STEAM)

Quest version of role-playing tabletop adventure game early released for PC and PS VR platforms with story and board-game-like game mechanic

F1 22

release date: 01/07 | genre: racing sim


A new version of EA Sports series with official VR mode support since game's release

Wands: Alliances

release date: 30/06 | genre: multiplayer

Oculus Quest Store

competitive multiplayer VR experience, that offers you magic spellcasting duels with your friends (3v3) in different environments and settings.


release date: June 2022 | genre:


Roguelike RPG shooter with room-scale movement support

Green Hell VR

release date: 09/06 | genre: survival / exploration

Oculus Quest Store PC VR (STEAM)

A survival game with crafting, healing and exploration mechanics with Amazonian forest setting.

The Last Clockwinder

release date: 02/06 | genre: puzzle / relaxing

PC VR (STEAM) Quest Store

Promising puzzle game with mechanics automation of production chains - making looped infinitely repeated actions.

World of Mechs

release date: 26/05 | genre: coop / mech simulator

Oculus Quest Store

Online competitive squad-based VR game about mechanical robots (mechs)

Shores of Loci

release date: 24/05 | genre: puzzle

PC VR (STEAM) Quest AppLab

Amazing puzzle game with unusual atmosphere and mechanics

Little Citites

release date: 12/05 | genre: strategy / city building


Exclusive Quest platform city building game, similar to SimCity


release date: 05/05 | genre: first person shooter

PC VR (STEAM) Oculus Rift Store

Stylish first person shooter with elements of skying and climbing, released earlier on PS VR.

Cities: VR

release date: 27/04 | genre: city building


Cities: Skylines adaptation for VR from the same developers

Unplugged DLC1

release date: 14/04 | genre: music / rythm / air guitar


First official DLC for an absolute fantastic rythm music game and air guitar simulator with extended hand tracking functionality. Includes tracks from MUSE, Rob Zombie, Slayer and Gossip

Little Cities

release date: 12/04 | genre: City-building

Quest Store

Very simplified SimCity-like arcade city major simulator


release date: 17/03 | genre: RPG / roguelike / action


New roguelike game with parkour elements in strange alien/ancient environment from the developers of STRIDE and AGAINST


release date: 28/01 | genre: puzzle / story rich


Story-rich exploration game about time travelling, that covers different important epochs of human history. Lots of interesting mechanics and fantastic environment promised.

Lost Recipes VR

release date: 27/01 | genre: cooking sim / meditation


Unique relaxing cooking game with focus on historical accuracy, where you need to cook food of the gods using ancient recipes with help of authentic guides.

Hitman 3

release date: 20/01 | genre: killer sim / stealth

VR support with controllers for the legendary stealth-action killer game is coming in january

Garden of the Sea

release date: 13/01 | genre: relaxing sandbox


Relaxing game with task to build your own garden

The Shore VR

release date: 09/01 | genre: adventure


Lovecraftian story-rich adventure game will obtain a VR support with this DLC

Winds and Leaves

release date: 08/12 | genre: indie / adventure


Relaxing game about nature, a PS VR port that is planned to become available on PC VR in December

Smash Drums

release date: 02/12 | genre: music rythm-game


Energetic music rythm-game similar to Beat Saber from indie developer. Awesome playlist and very good mechanics.

Lucky's Tale

release date: 18/11 | genre: platformer

Quest Store

Remaster of one of the best VR platformers ever. Originally released as a title from Oculus Rift CV1 launch line.

Resident Evil 4 VR

release date: 21/10 | genre: story-rich horror

Quest 2

First game exclusively designed for Oculus Quest 2. A story rich horror game, VR adaptation of original Resident Evil 4

Song In The Smoke

release date: 07/10 | genre: rpg / survival

A horror story-rich game in ancient environment setting, with scary creatures trying to stop you from getting to the truth

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners Aftershocks

release date: 23/09 | genre: story rich shooter / rpg

STEAM Rift Quest

A big update for one of the best story-rich action games on VR platform. Adds a horde mode, new types of weapons and other content

Pulzzling Places

release date: 02/09 | genre: puzzle / relaxing

Relaxing and very impressive 3D puzzle game where you have to find matching pieces to build the featured building around different corners of the globe.

I Expect You To Die 2: The Spy and the Liar

release date: 24/08 | genre: puzzle / story rich


Sequel for one of the best story-rich spy puzzle games on VR platform. New tricks and environments, original game mechanics and story-telling

Arcade Legend

release date: 2021 | genre: arcade machine simulator


Ability to master your own Arcade hall with different arcade machines and other entertainment stuff.

Ven VR Adventure

release date: on Quest: 12.08 | genre: platformer

Quest Rift STEAM

Quest port of great arcade platformer from PC VR, similar to Lucky's Tale.

Pistol Whip: Smoke & Thunder

release date: 12/08 | genre: music rythm-action / puzzle

STEAM Quest Rift

Another big content update for one of the best and endless-playing games on VR platform

Carrier Command 2 VR

release date: 10/08 | genre: real-time strategy


VR-remke of classical strategy from 1988. You have to take control of war spaceships and bring them to the victory


release date: on Quest: 5.08 | genre: punkur / action


Quest port of recently released parkour game on PC VR platforms. Similar to mirror's edge

Disc Ninja

release date: on Quest: 5.08 | genre: movement / sport

STEAM Quest Store

Nice golfish-like game with japanese styling and realistic graphics.

Warplanes: WW1 Fighters

release date: 29/07 | genre: airplane simulator

Quest Store STEAM

Симулятор воздушных боёв на летающих машинах времён первой мировой войны. Версия для PC VR вышла ранее в этом году, а квест-версия игры, изначально выпущенная в AppLab также получила очень высокие оценки игроков


release date: 27/07 | genre: painter simulator


Симулятор художника, в котором вам предстоит маслянными красками повторять шедевры мировой живописи. Релиз на Quest запланирован на начало 2022 года.

Demagnete VR

release date: 27/07 | genre: puzzle adventure


Атмосферная головоломка на тему магнитизма, демка которой выходила во время фестиваля игр STEAM. Отличный визуальный ряд и механика.

A Township Tale

release date: 13/07 | genre: MMOGA / RPG


Мультиплеерная RPG с открытым миром и упором на крафт, мастерство и

Sam & Max: This Time It’s Virtual

release date: 08/07 | genre: detective / adventure


Детективная игра в знаменитой вселенной Sam&Max, в которой вам предстоит стать помощником знаменитой парочки детективов-самоучоки раскрыть тайну заброшенного лунапарка.

Tarzan VR

release date: 01/07 | genre: exploration


Квест-порт ранее вышедшей на PC VR игры, основанной на знаменитом романе "Тарзан". Игра будет состоять из 5 эпизодов, созданных в виде стилизованных комиксов.

Echo VR

release date: 01/09 | genre: multiplayer / co-op

Rift Store Quest Store

Quest port of free-to-play team-based eSports multiplayer VR game in zero-gravity enviornment

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